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On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 10:49 AM, Randy Steffens Jr wrote:

I have recently downloaded Verses, having been a previous long time user of Scripture Typer. Verses is already better than ST in many ways, but  just wanted to share some things that could make it even better and clearly make ST a less desirable choice.

1: Include references in the games. It is hard to remember the reference otherwise. Have an option to type the Reference at the beginning and at the end of the verse, this makes retaining the reference much easier.

2: I haven't used Verses long enough to fully understand the algorithm for verse review. Could you explain to me how Verses calculates the frequency of review? It would be helpful if there were more regular reviews early on in the history of memorizing a verse, and if also if the automatic setting could manually be overridden when needed.

3: it is very hard to type a verse accurately on the tiny iPhone keyboard. Thus I often accidentally hit the wrong key when I didn't mean to, making it appear that my memory health is worse than it really is. ST helps to mitigate this by accepting as correct any input from a key adjacent to the one that should have been pressed. It would help if this feature could be an option in Verses.

4: there is an exceptional free memory tool called Anki. ( which uses an elaborate spaced repetition algorithm for helping users to remember any information they want. Basically, after reviewing information, you rate how well you remembered it on a scale of 1 (fail) to 4 (very easy). The algorithm then learns your rate of memory so that it can always present information to you just before you are about to forget it. No earlier, so you don't waste time reviewing what you already know, and no later so you don't forget information and waste time relearning it. The Anki algorithm is free, and it would be wonderful if a version of this could be incorporated into Verses. It's backed by a tremendous amount of science and has been shown to dramatically boos the quantity of information one is able to retain, and the speed at which they can learn. I wrote ST about this awhile ago, but they haven't implemented something some let yet. This could be an extremely powerful selling point of Verses and a wonderful addition to an already very promising bible memory tool.

5: Have an option to see verse statistics. Ie how many verses do I know, how well am I retaining them, how many verses have I learned over try past week, month, year, etc.

Thank you and God bless you as you continue making Verses all that it can be.

Randy Steffens II

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  • Jun 17 2015
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  • Mar 1, 2016

    Admin response

    Thank you to everyone who have submitted suggestions for improvement for Verses's Review system!

    We're continuing to improve the review portion of Verses - these are some of our current plans for improvement:

    • Use the ordering of review prioritization from a spaced repetition algorithm to power a Review Mode that takes you through all your passages in the order that you most need to review them. Review Mode would be a dedicated continuous mode for going over passages you know without having to pause and select passages.
    • Built out a profile overview that gives you insight into how your memorizing, how your memory health performs over time, general statistics on how long you memorize Scripture, how many passages you've learned, and other similar (and hopefully useful) information.
    • Goals and Long Passage Memorization that help guide you through learning the Scripture you want to learn.
    • New games to help associate topics to references and references to passages. These will help increase our ability to recall passages quickly in day to day life when a situation calls for a passage for a particular topic.
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  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2022 07:20pm

    Are there any updates on this? Is there a review mode? As a new user, I can’t seem to find anything on how reviewing verses will work?

  • Joshua Kruse commented
    31 Jan, 2020 04:20pm

    AGREED! Some form of automated Spaced Repetition review would elevate Verses far above the rest! It doesn't even have to be the Anki algorithm mentioned above. ST's (now Bible Memory App) is simple: get the verse right (typing) and your review time doubles (1 day goes to 2, 2 days go to 4, etc.). 

    Based on the date of the Admin Response above, this seems to be ~4 years in coming... wondering if it's still on the docket for an upcoming update? 

  • Eric Pruett commented
    8 Apr, 2016 12:14am

    I'm using scripture typer instead of verses for this very reason. Would love to transition if this AND sync between devices is implemented. Until then, I won't use Verses even though it's slick and well designed.

  • Liam Walsh commented
    17 Jan, 2016 02:47am

    Yes! Would change to only the verses app for my memorization instead of splitting it with scripture typer if this was implemented!

  • Admin
    Brock Klein commented
    12 Oct, 2015 07:38pm

    Hey Caleb! Thanks for asking. 

    We're actively working on a major release that hits on a range of areas (including bug fixes, an awesome new feature, and improvements - like the update to how health deprecates).

    It's always dangerous to estimate timelines when it comes to software, but we would be surprised if it were not done within the next few weeks.

    Stay tuned!

  • Guest commented
    8 Oct, 2015 11:53pm

    is there an estimated release date for the update that includes the change for the verse health not going down so quickly? thanks! :)