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Tool/game/study method for help memorizing references

On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 9:16 AM, Riley Pitts wrote: 

Hey guys!

First off, best verse memorization app I've ever used. And I've used a lot. There are just a few things that I think could help people memorize with a little more success.

1. A tool/game/study method that would help someone link the text of the verse with the reference of the verse. This is pretty important when it comes to being able to share scripture with others in conversational situations. "Fighter Verse" has a pretty solid tool that is helpful for  this.

2. "Tags" This would be a great next step to add on to collections. Collections was a huge breakthrough and is part of what took you guys to the top! (Again... By far the best) Being able to link a topic or theme with your verses with a "tag" and being able to study them according to their tag really helps! When I'm talking to someone who is say, struggling to trust God's goodness, it would be so nice to have a few verses linked in my memory to "God's goodness" or "God's faithfulness" that I could share. Not that the Holy Spirit can't bring those things to mind when needed.

Just my two cents. Keep up the great work. You guys are seriously a huge blessing to many, many people.

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  • Mar 7 2015
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    Admin response

    Riley, you're spot on with both of those recommendations!  In the short term we plan on adding the verse numbers and references to passages as you're playing other memory games, so hopefully that can be the first step towards helping folks memorize the reference. Then, in the future, we do hope to add specific games to help with reference memorization.

    Ultimately we want someone to even be able to pick particular topics with a collection of passages around that topic (e.g., The Holiness of God or Selflessness) then Verses will take you through the process of not only memorizing the passages in that topical list, but also help you create mental associations so that when you're in the moment of "need" for that passage it will quickly come to mind.  We're super excited about that feature.

    Great suggestions! You're definitely thinking in the right direction. Please keep them coming and feel free to comment on our ideas for the future of Verses!  We're working hard to make it as powerfully helpful as we can.

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