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Decrease time by being able to change default settings or homescreen Merged

I really enjoy this app, but the thing that really detracts from the app for me is the amount of time it takes to go from one verse to another when reviewing. I always go to my verses, then health, then start with the verses that have the lowest health. Then I click on the verse, go to type out, then type the verse. Then you have to say enter, push the back button, then start the process again. In addition, the app gets busy frequently showing my circles for every verse, so clicking from screen to screen can really slow it down even more. 

If I'm always going to use the type out feature, and I'm always going to go from lowest health to highest, I wished I could get it on some kind of loop where I just go from verse to verse. If nothing else, it would be nicer if I could set the defaults to always use "type out" instead of the other games, or to always sort my verses by "health"; I never use the recent. 

I traditionally used physical verse cards to review bible verses. On verses I knew well, I could review 8-12 verses/min. On the app, I can review at most 3 verses/min. I would really like this time to be shortened and I would love the app so much more than I already do.

Thanks for considering!

  • Krista Peters
  • Dec 7 2015
  • Planned
  • Dec 7, 2015

    Admin response


    Thank you for taking the time to send this suggestion!

    We're right there with you on this one. We've be very encouraged by how effective the games have been in helping folks learn Scripture, and now we are increasingly having a good problem...lots of folks with quite a library to keep up with!

    We have a lot of ideas about how we'd like to handle this and hope to start working on many of them soon. Ultimately we envision having the app guide you through the process of applying time to learning new passages and staying sharp on old ones.

    I've merged your idea into an ongoing group of ideas/requests under this category. Please feel free to submit new ideas for features, particularly on this topic!

    Thanks for using Verses!