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verse health going down too much Merged

I love the concept of the health of the verses going down so that I need to review them, but I have over 300 verses that I'm trying to keep up with, and it takes a whole lot of time just to keep them all at full health with the condition of the app right now... a couple of things factor into that:

1. most of the time, when the health drops on a verse, it immediately requires me to type it out 2 times to get it back to full health... since I previously already typed it twice perfectly to get it to full health, I would think it should only drop 1 level, so saying the verse perfectly once should be able to get me back to full health. of course, I understand if it would drop another level of you haven't reviewed it for a while, but I'm trying to keep on top of everything and it's still mostly making it review verses twice every time the health goes down. so only having to say it once to get it back to full health would save a lot of time.

2. even if I've reviewed verses perfectly 40+ times in a row every time the health goes down, the health will still go down just as fast as it does on the new verses that I've added. I agree that all of the verses should still need to be reviewed, but the ones that I always type correctly definitely don't need to be reviewed as often as the newer ones or the ones that I make mistakes on sometimes. basically, I think there should be some sort of tracker for the verses, so ones always said perfectly need to be reviewed less, and just keep the consistent reviews for the new verses or ones that you've made a mistake on recently. if a verse is typed perfectly 10 or 20+ times in a row, that's a good indicator that it's known very well & could then only require it to go down 1 health level every week or two.

I'm just trying to throw out some ideas... I just want to be able to memorize new verses, but it's hard to do when I'm having to constantly review the ones that I already know. thanks for your help - it is greatly needed and appreciated! :)

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  • Sep 29 2015
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  • Sep 29, 2015

    Admin response


    Right there with you on this one!

    Our "end goal" for the review process is actually to use a well known, researched backed approach to memorization called spaced repetition.

    You can read plenty about it on the Wiki. The core idea is you repeat something frequently at the beginning but then the spaces between review sessions widen as you prove that you're retaining the information over the long term. Pretty much exactly what you described. :)

    Now for the cool part...the average adult can memorize between 200-300 items per year, per minute per day spent memorizing using this system.

    So if you spend 10 minutes today in Verses you could memorize between 2,000-3,000 passages per year!

    Your idea already exists in our system so I'm going to merge them together. 

    We're working towards this!