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Improve Verse Review System - Memory Health Indicator Should Match Real-life Memory Merged

The memory health inner circle in the app doesn’t reflect how well I’m actually remembering the verse in real life.  For instance, two days after memorizing a brand new verse I’ve never memorized before, the memory health circle is still a completely connected green loop, telling me that I’m still supposed to be at 100% memory health so I should be able to recall the verse perfectly.  But in reality, I can’t remember the verse at all since it’s only been two days since I’ve started memorizing it. I need to review it daily for several days or a week before my memory health begins to stay at 100% for longer than a day.
What needs to happen is that the memory health indicator should very rapidly decay every day at the beginning (or just build up to 100% much more slowly), to reflect how most people will need several days (many older folks will need weeks) of daily repetition of a brand new verse before it actually starts to stick stick in their memory, or before the memory health indicator reaches 100% and stays there for more than a day.  Only then should the memory health indicator start to stay at 100% memory health for longer periods of time, before falling and indicating the the verse needs to be reviewed to stay at 100% memory health.
Thus I propose that the algorithm for the memory health circle be updated to require several days/weeks of frequent repetition before it starts to stay at 100% green for any longer than a day.  That would be a more accurate indicator of most people’s true memory health.  Also it would be good if there were either: 1) a manual override function so that I can override the automatic function to set a verse to repeat at any specified intervals if needed, or 2) that the system have a method of feedback so that I can tell it how well I feel I remembered a verse today, and it will then guage how quickly to make the memory health indicator decay to show me when it needs a review. 


Randy Steffens II

  • Randall Steffens II
  • Jun 19 2015
  • Planned