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Long-term memorization Merged

I think that this app is great, but I think it could be utlized more for long-term memorization. I think that each day or week that goes by without reviewing a verse, your "score" should go down a little, so you have to consistently review the verse in order to keep your circles complete.

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  • Feb 8 2016
  • Planned
  • Feb 9, 2016

    Admin response

    Thank you for using Verses and taking the time to share your feedback! We really appreciate it.

    Yes, we completely agree with you. The app does already decrement your health - 7 days after you last worked on a passage the health begins going down bit by bit each day.

    Now, we're not completely satisfied with that implementation. :) We have some really fun improvements planned that will make Verses learn which passages you know best and which ones you struggle with. The health on the ones you struggle with will go down faster  but the health on the ones you seem to nail every time will go down slower. 

    Others have asked for that feature so I went ahead and merged your idea in with theirs.

    Again, thanks for using Verses and taking the time to share your suggestions!