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HCSB Nehemiah issues


Thank you for pointing this out. We take the accuracy of our texts very
seriously. It looks like something is going wrong with the HCSB book of
Nehemiah in particular. Some of the verses are disabled, and some have
duplicates. For chapter 8 specifically, if you're browsing the entire book
view (instead of using the search bar) you can see that there are two sets
of verses. The first set is greyed out and says it is disabled, but if you
select the second set you can view the verses and memorize them properly.

I have submitted your bug report to our development team for them to
review. We should be able to figure out what's going on here and have a fix
ready relatively quickly.

In regards to translations, we are working very hard to acquire new
translations to offer within Verses. We're reaching out to the publishers
of these translations, but sometimes it takes a long time in order to get
their permission. We also have to negotiate favorable pricing. Thanks for
your patience as we work toward broadening our translation selection.

Thank you for contacting us!

Tom Kent
Verses Support

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On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 2:09 AM, Ct wrote:

> HCSB version has Neh 8:10, yet this app says it's not in the HCSB, but yet
> it is, so why is it not available in this app? Also will the AMP & NKJV be
> added for purchase in the future?
> Thank you,
> Tanya Anderson
> Using Verses v4.0

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  • Jan 26 2016
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