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Tying passages to day-to-day life


I'm responding to the in app question about why I'm not memorizing more. I guess mostly I'm not motivated to open the app as much as I like. I really love the app, I think it's extremely well made and easy to use. And the various techniques for memorizing really work, so when I do actually go through it, I remember some. But find myself less motivated to go back again and again. Which might just be my problem and not the app's. But I wonder if there's some way to bring the app more into my everyday life. Maybe push notifications reminding me to keep memorizing. But it be awesome to go deeper than that. I wonder if there's a way to bring my personal daily situations into my scriptures so I'm applying the scripture that I'm memorizing and not just getting more head knowledge. 

Maybe there's a journaling aspect of the memorizing process. Maybe it initially asks you, are you memorizing in prayer for someone, are you going through a hard time, are you memorizing to increase your worship to God, are you seeking wisdom. And then from those responses there are different exercises or push reminders that cater to those situations and help the person apply scripture throughout the day.

Honesty that seems really challenging and may be more than you can do, but I just feel like maybe I would retain more of I had more purpose in my memorizing.

This is an awesome app, you guys do a great job!

Justin Cutsinger

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  • Oct 6 2015
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