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Add and 'Undo' button in 'Reorder' Merged

I am using Verses to memorize Romans 6. With a large section of scripture like this, I find it is easy in the 'Reorder' game to accidentally drop a phrase in the wrong place (often because, as the sections get longer as you assemble phrases, the way they move around as you scroll gets strange). Also, and perhaps there are not many sections like this, Romans 6 (in the ESV) has the phrase "By no means!" twice in the chapter. It can be frustrating to 'lose' because I picked the wrong location for one of them.

There might be other ways to deal with these problems, but the easiest thing I could think of would be an 'undo' button that would undo the last action. It would only need to be able to go back one step. 

(I know this could lead to 'cheating', but hopefully anyone who is serious about memorizing would use it only for a legitimate accident).

I love the app! I'm hoping to use it to memorize a number of full chapters of scripture!

  • Doug Dale
  • Apr 28 2015
  • Idea already exists