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Combining Versions

I would like an option to pick what version I memorize each verse in, rather than require that all of my verses come from the same version.  Perhaps a drop down list when choosing your verse?

  • Amber Cable
  • Apr 10 2016
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  • Todd Alexander commented
    June 01, 2016 15:01

    I also agree with this suggestion. Having the option to choose which translation per verse with a default choice would be very helpful. Other than that, I think is an awesome app! I use it everyday!

  • Karl L commented
    January 28, 2017 23:31

    For me until this feature is implemented, I'm not able to use the app because I memorize verses from a few different versions...primarily the ones that are currently offered in the app. Now as an extension of this request, to buy separately 4 or 5 bible versions makes this app WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!  So I ask that a "bundle" be offered of "choose 4 Bible versions for $___".  at a reasonable price. 

  • Paul Di Toma commented
    May 17, 2018 15:30

    Same here. Can’t use until this feature is implemented. If it was this would be my go to app.