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Desktop version of Verses.

i would love to be able to uses verses on a web app or desktop app! There's something nice about having a full keyboard and larger screen. :)

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  • Apr 11 2015
  • Apr 11, 2015

    Admin response


    Thanks for using Verses and taking the time to contribute your ideas! We really appreciate it. 

    You raise an important but somewhat difficult suggestion. We have had an ongoing internal debate re: the adaptability of Verses to a desktop experience via a web app. By nature, we did our best to build the Verses for a mobile experience - quick engaging use sessions that, over time, yield memorized Scripture. So far (to our great joy!) it's been working. The game nature of Verses helps people stay engaged and learn more of God's Word. 

    What we're not sure of yet is whether that same effect can be produced as well via a desktop web app. We know it certainly is technically possible, but desktop use sessions are very different than mobile ones and, as such, ought to be designed for differently. If we can figure out a way to preserve the engaging nature of Verses in a desktop web app experience then we will definitely build a web version. 

    Until then, though, we are going to stay focused on the improvements we have in the queue for iOS (and we want to build Android!).

    That being said, we're right there with you. We'd really like to have a desktop web version of Verses, but we want to make sure that, when we do, it maintains the same level of quality and efficacy that the mobile version has.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your requests - please keep them coming!