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Add ability to edit the order of my collections

I would really benefit from being able to edit the order of my verse collections. I keep them all in a particular order, but then if a collection goes over the 20 verse limit, the new collection that I create goes to the bottom of the list, and I'm not able to put it next to the old collection. For example, I have 19 out of the 20 allowed verses in my "Romans" collection and will soon need to add another, but if I add another collection as "Romans 2", it will be at the bottom of my list of collections instead of being able to put it right under the existing "Romans" collection. It would be very helpful to be able to just move it next to Romans instead of having to keep it after the "Revelations" collection! Thanks! :)

  • Guest
  • Jun 27 2015
  • Planned
  • Jun 29, 2015

    Admin response

    Caleb, we agree entirely! We want to be able to reorder both our list of collections AND the passages inside a collection.

    We are about to release a major update in the next few days that includes a bunch of fixes and improvements. It doesn't include this feature, but we are already working on the release to follow it and we will be adding a lot of features around collections. Personally I'm really looking forward to it because I use collections for the Navigator's Topical Memory System and it's frustrating to have the collections and passages inside the collections out of order.

    So stay tuned! (You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you'd like to always get the latest.)