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Topical Collections

Topical Collections will provide curated lists of passages for specific topics and sub-topics. These lists will be very carefully written by pastors, professors, and other teachers.  

Topical Collections within Verses will focus on practical progression of thought with the goal to equip the memorizer with a cohesive set of Scripture for that particular topic.

To that end, every Topical Collection will include a short narrative introduction written by the list curator. That introduction will explain why the passages in the Topical Category were chosen, and will help provide contextual information. This is particularly helpful given the abundant research that supports the conclusion that contextual understanding of information radically improves your ability to memorize and recall specific information within the broader context (e.g., the individual passages as explained by the narrative introduction for a Topical List).

Expect Topical Collections to start being introduced in Summer of 2015.

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  • Feb 17 2015
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