Ideas for Verses

We need your help to make Verses even better!

Puzzle games for recall. Put words of the verse on shapes and move the shapes around in a way that you have to know the verse to solve the puzzle.

From user: As a side note I listened to the audio and it’s difficult to hear or understand clearly. It might just be the verse I was on. I haven’t had time to play a lot as I’m super busy preparing for a few things and the deadline is looming.

Hmm….what about a shape puzzle? Shapes with the words that go together and reveal the verse.

Domino type shapes with the individual words that we move each domino into place. If it’s wrong it snaps back to the available words list if not it stays in place. .

  • Brock Klein
  • Apr 29 2015
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  • Guest commented
    31 Jan, 2020 07:01pm

    I’m a visual learner so anything like this is helpful!  A puzzle sounds great if you can do it!!!