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Listen + correct when wrong game idea

  May I first start by saying this is an incredible app!  There are a lot of memorization apps out on the  App Store, but ”Verses” surpasses them all!  I know abs don’t make them selves and this didn’t just call about overnight so thank you so much for all your hard work put into this!


 I was thinking  it could be a cool game idea to listen to the app being read, but the order of the verses would be jumbled  or verse words would be incorrect and every time there was a mistake, you would have to tap the screen to indicate you caught it.  Sort of a combination between the listening feature and the reorder / fill in the blank games.  I got this idea because it’s easy to zone out when listening and  if there was a feature that caused us to pay more attention (like catching an error), that would be super helpful!

  • Michael Abdo
  • Apr 6 2019
  • In review
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