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Ability to change 'Listen' voice speed

The voice that reads the verses is not the same one that is default on my phone. It is a female voice and reads so slow she sounds drunk. I changed my Siri voice in settings and restarted the app but no change. I also changed the voice setting inside the accessibility settings on my iPhone and still no changes. I cannot find any voice settings within the app so have no idea how to change it. 

  • Ryan
  • Feb 6 2016
  • Planned
  • Feb 9, 2016

    Admin response


    Ha, yes, you're spot on. You're actually not the only person to say Siri sounds intoxicated...

    This is actually due to a bug introduced from Apple in iOS 9.1. We have fixed it and have an update coming out in a couple weeks that will make it better.

    We're still not thrilled with having Siri read for us (even when she's sober), but for now it's the best we can do since narration is a challenging feature from a technical perspective, especially since we highlight the current word being read to help reenforce it as you learn.

    Thanks for using Verses and taking the time to share your suggestions! Stay tuned for the update coming shortly...

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