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Would pay double for NKJV!

I know not everyone would but I say this to say, this app would take off if you had NKJV! If there is anything we can do to help get this done, I know there are publishing rights but I would be the first customer & tell everyone about the app!

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  • Jan 22 2016
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  • Feb 1, 2016

    Admin response


    Thank you so much for your kind words! You're absolutely right, the primary limitation is the publishing rights.

    We've been corresponding with Harper Collins (the owner of the NKJV) for almost a year now (we first reached out in March of last year) and received an offer an offer for licensing about 4 weeks ago.

    Unfortunately the offer is asking for significantly more than other publishers have asked from us, and it appears Harper Collins does not make adjustments to provide for how the text is being used (e.g., since Verses only uses small sections for memorization and not reading, with the primary value being added by the app not the text, a lower licensing fee might be justified), unlike other publishers in our experience. Our only form of support is the portion of translation sales we're able to keep. In order to receive the same amount for a single NKJV purchase that we do for an ESV purchase we would have to charge $17, which is definitely outrageous for an in-app translation purchase (especially when compared to our other translation prices).

    We're still trying to decide how to proceed. NKJV is now our most requested feature - so we may just bite the bullet on this one...we'll see.

    Thank you again for using Verses and your willingness to help! We'll definitely be notifying everyone once we make a decision.

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    3 Feb, 2016 01:43am

    ugh. I meant ^* NKJV

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    3 Feb, 2016 01:42am

    Cool! Glad y'all are workin on this. I may be the only one who says this but I'll definitely pay $17 for NJKV. Only reason is, all of the verses I memorized as a kid was NJKV and I don't want to mix up translations if I'm piecing together old verses I've memorized with new ones. Thanks and hope it works out soon!