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Progress not properly syncing between devices

I use my phone for memorizing verses most of the time, but whenever I use my iPad and try to access my verses, most of the verses will have almost no "verse health", so I can't tell which ones really haven't been worked on recently. consequently, since the verse health doesn't cross over properly, I would have to type those verses out again on my phone to get the verse health up on there. basically, however the account is syncing, it's not keeping my progress updated.

also, when I go to my account on my iPad, several of the categories have been duplicated, so it will show the same category 2 or 3 times in a row. I've tried to delete the extra duplicates before, but then it deletes that category from my phone too.


any help with these issues is greatly appreciated! thanks! :)

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  • Oct 12 2015
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    Brock Klein commented
    12 Oct, 2015 07:41pm

    Hey Caleb,

    Hmm, yes, that does not sound good.

    When you say "category" I'm assuming you are referring to collections?

    We have not hear reports of duplicate collections before, so this is intriguing, to say the least. Could you upload a screenshot of duplicate collections?

    As for the syncing issue - could you try deleting and reinstalling Verses on both your devices, then giving them about 15 minutes to recalculate all your scores? Since you have so much data it's likely that your iPad might be struggling under the weight of calculating all your health scores. :)

    Let me know if that helps.