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Modify Listen to work when phone is silenced

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 2:21 AM, Brion Burkett wrote:

Why do you utilize my iPhone's ringer for verses playback instead of regular playback like everyone else? In every other app I can listen to whatever media and it is not interrupted by a super loud incoming call. With verses however, I am at a loss.

Also, my phone is on silent most all the time for counseling, preaching, prayer meetings, etc. What using verses has inadvertently done is created one more thing I have to try and remember: to turn off my ringer before entering into any number of rooms that need to not have a phone ringing. You know, Apple already considered this to be a problem, which is why they coded two different sound preference pathways for apps to use.

Is there a good reason why you chose to use the ringer pathway versus the normal music pathway for using Verses?

Please change. This change would alleviate a little nagging doubt (now one more out of too many that I am trying desperately to practically eradicate from my life) in the back of my mind that my phone's ringer is on when it should be off. The lack of necessity using the ringer for your app's sound greatly outweighs the coding effort when compared to the inconvenience this creates.

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  • Sep 1 2015
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