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ability to jump directly to higher levels of wordblank

it would be nice if you were able to somehow jump to the higher levels of the wordblank game withou having to say through it in the lower levels if you don't want to. for instance, if I want to go over a longer verse that I know pretty well, it's cumblersome to have to go through it 4 times in a row just to type it out on level 4. maybe all of the levels should be available the verses if you've previously gone through the levels for them? anyways, whatever it is, some improvement in this area would be appreciated. thanks! :)

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  • Jul 17 2015
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  • Jul 17, 2015

    Admin response


    Definitely - this one is actually on our list. As we've used Wordbank we have had the same sentiment. In the future we plan to do exactly what you suggest - we will match the starting difficulty of Wordbank with how well you know the passage, that way you don't have to go through too-easy levels before it becomes useful.

    As always, thank you for taking the time to contribute to the project!


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