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Spacious repetition software

Use spacious repetition software so that the better I do on verses, it has suggests I go over them less. Then, I would be able to work on learning more new verses.

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  • Aug 31 2023
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  • Aaron R commented
    16 Sep, 2023 12:49pm

    I just realized I could add attachments. Here is the system I was talking about.

  • Aaron R commented
    16 Sep, 2023 12:46pm

    Many years ago (before smart phones existed), I was given a Scripture memory system by a Bible study leader. It was three pieces of paper with rows and rows of empty squares. The first sheet was labeled “Once a Day for 7 Weeks,” the second “Once a Week for 7 Months,” and the third “Once a Month for 7 Years.” I’ve been using that system ever since, and when I found this app about five years ago, it made that system even better, because now I have a way to verify that I’m getting it right! I still use the sheets with the app, and I even added a fourth sheet, “Once a Year for 7 Decades.” It would be amazing to incorporate that system (and other systems people have found that work for them) into the app…