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Visual Learning: Images/Pictures exercise

Please consider an additional exercise for Visual/Spatial Learners: Visual thinking (picture thinking) through visual processing. Seeing words as a series of pictures. It is common in approximately 60–65% of the general population. Many of the Worlds top memory experts use this application. For example, a 'Visual Learner' (different type of learning method) in a writing class may process the information better by seeing an image (or movie clip) of how a film adapts the literature it was based on, instead of just listening to the book being read aloud (auditory/linguistic learning).

Visual learners usually prefer pictures, images, and mind maps to help one process information. A database with the flexibility to choose or pick images would also be a great idea to include with the exercise. That way, an individual could choose an image that may better relate to their specific choice (if a substitution is even needed/desired). The brain uses previous life experiences and observations to engage, relate, help memory coordination and recollection. Thank You for considering!

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  • Jun 19 2023
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