Ideas for Verses

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additional K that would list the verse content

Have an additional key that would take you to all your verses, listing them by the words of the verse itself as opposed to memorize list that only list the verse reference as opposed to the words until you click on them. I understand that with the present list, you don’t want a sneak peek before you test your memorization. However, if you have a large amount of verses, it would be nice to have another page that you could go to having all your verses by category to look at and review at a glance, not for the purpose of memorizing anyone in particular verse, but just to review all the verses that you know or are learning, without having to click on each one and scroll down to see the verse. In other words is I want to remember and look at all the verses concerning faith, I could see all of them to help me not forget a verse. I don’t mean forgetting the individual words, but just helping keep top of mind all of the available verses on a particular subject

  • Steve Marberry
  • Oct 11 2022
  • In review
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