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Typo forgiveness

From: David Morton 

Date: Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 11:41 AM
Subject: Re: Combining verse groups
To: Verses

I liked it! It was slightly odd that the standard iOS idiom of swiping to
the left to delete was missing, but that's not a big deal. I liked that
the buttons for the recommended game now appear.

One thing I'd strongly consider. My wife and I would love this app to
pieces (not that we don't already) if somehow this could be incorporated
into the application...

Typo forgiveness.

Not sure how that would work, but perhaps something where, when the user
types a letter immediately adjacent on the keyboard to the letter that
should have been typed, to the right or the left, and then immediately
corrects by typing the correct letter, perhaps removing the hit against
retention. It's frustrating when you're on an iPhone 5S, and you barely
miss a key, just to see that little red line on the right. It can also
help fixing the retention value when doing really long passages, where
minor typos are much more likely. Thanks to your app, I've already
memorized, within two weeks, the entire first chapter of Galatians, but
sadly, it's very, very difficult for me to get the application to agree
with me on that, mainly because of the occasional typo.

Lastly, I noticed you have improved the algorithms when it comes to commas,
line breaks, and words that are immediately adjacent to them. Galatians
1:2 is a good example where "to" is no longer connected to "me,".
Unfortunately, in 1:1, "not" is still connected to "apostle", so typing "a"
causes "apostle--not" to show up, instead of simply "apostle" or

I'm sure you're aware of some of these issues. I'm a programmer, too, and
I totally get the minor irritations and the proper prioritization of major
bugs vs minor bugs vs features, but all in all, you are doing an amazing
job on the app and I'm really glad we bought it. It's on the front page of
my iPhone now, and I use it probably half an hour a day.

Thanks again!


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  • Feb 23 2015
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  • Apr 10, 2015

    Admin response


    Solid suggestion re: typo forgiveness.  We're actually about to include something very similar in our upcoming release in the next couple weeks.  It's not exactly forgiveness per se, but it does provide an aid if you're struggling at a particular point in the Type Out game.

    Keep the suggestions coming!