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John 5 verses offset by 5:4


Thank you for pointing this out. We take the accuracy of our texts very
seriously. You're right that the cause of this bug is verse 4, which is
omitted in the ESV. Because verse 4 is not present, the rest of the verses
following it are numbered incorrectly.

We are are working hard to fix this bug and will push an update as soon as
we can. We apologize for the confusion and the inconvenience.

Thank you for contacting us!

Tom Kent
Verses Support

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On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 10:42 AM, Patrick Bean

> Hi Verses support!
> I discovered that most of the verses in John 5 are offset by one verse
> which is the omitted verse 4 from the ESV.
> Thanks for this fun and helpful app.
> Using Verses v2.0
> P@rick

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  • Apr 20 2015
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  • Sep 23, 2015

    Admin response

    This has been fixed by graying out verses that a translation itself omits and then displaying a message "This translation does not include Verse X." at the verse addition section (at the bottom of the passage details screen).

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