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Last verse of Philemon is missing a space between "fellow" and "laborers" in KJV


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Haha, I wish we could take credit for that being intentional! The truth is
that you've found quite a puzzling bug. Thank you for pointing this out to
us. I will pass your report along to our development team for them to take
a look at. Hopefully we can have a fix available soon.

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consider giving us a review on the App Store!

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us!

Tom Kent
Verses Support

For developer reference, the bugs are:

- Multiple instances of the word "fellow" not having a space after it,
making it form a single object with the word following it (this is also
present in the source text file, may not be a bug)
- Tap to Reveal displays correct name order (M, A, D, L) when memorizing
verse 24 only, but incorrect name order (A, D, L, M) when memorizing verses
23-24 together
- Word Bank displays correct name order

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On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 11:53 PM, Deb wrote:

Love love your app! Thank you so much!

Interesting on the last verse of Philemon in the KJV has two different orders of the names when doing tap to reveal (A, D, L, M) and word bank (M, A, D, L).

Keeps us on our toes!


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  • Apr 14 2015
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